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In an effort to reduce energy consumption, technological advances in gas furnaces have created multi-stage variable speed options. Rather than continuously blowing on high – like standard furnaces – these options can adjust their blowing speed based on your climate control needs

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A central air conditioner is the most efficient way to achieve cool airflow to multiple rooms in your home. Central air conditioners are quieter than wall-mounted units and are the better solution for cooling an entire home, but it is important that you do your homework to select the right unit. Contact S J Eaton Plumbing & Heating to assist in finding the right unit for your home.

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WiFi-enabled thermostats are some of the most convenient controls on the market. You will be able to control your home heating and cooling systems from your phone or computer, even when you are away from home. Talk with S J Eaton Plumbing & Heating about the many options available to today’s homeowner.